Gluta Frosta Mini


Gluta Frosta Mini

Start first, beauty first. GlutaFrosta Mini is probably a good start for ones who want to have their skins brighter, smoother, and beautifier with good health. Eventually, you will believe what we believed that beauty skin healthily is possible. Therefore, we work and think differently. We do in depth research and development on every angle. Finally, we have GlutaFrosta, the only answer for beauty skin healthily. GlutaFrosta Mini is just a smaller size (10 capsules per box) for first time user. Try it and you will believe what we believe.
Gluta Frosta is an innovation which collected all the best ingredients from around the world for upto 14 substances. It is for those who want a bright, smooth and radiant skin for themselves. The result is fast, safe, and no negative side effects. You can enjoy the truly beauty and healthy skin from inside out. Additionally, GlutaFrosta help detox the toxins left in the skin and reduce acne, freckles, dark spots, burns, and uneven skin pigments. A box has 10 capsules (500mg per capsule).
Thai FDA number: 11-1-06353-1-0123





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