Gluta Frosta Mini


Dull skin, freckles, and dark spots are caused by many factors. In bottom line, we found that skin problem has correlation with toxic, pollution, acid, and germs that reside within the body. GlutaFrosta Plus Mini will be a good start for ones who want the deepest skin brightening smoothening, clearing, and, last but not least, healthy. With another step of higher pharmaceutical innovation, GlutaFrosta Plus Mini helps restore back to a rich, elastic, and radiance skin.


GlutaFrosta Plus is a supplementary in capsule form that has been researched and developed steadily deeper and more advances. We study and understand the behavior of human living (e.g. eating, activity, and resting habits), skin problems, and the ultimate needs of Asian people. Therefore, GlutaFrosta Plus is the best answer for people of all ages and skin types. GlutaFrosta Plus helps enhancing overall health and nourishing skin beautifully. The result is so remarkable that everyone around you notice. One box has 10 capsules (1000mg per capsule).


Thai FDA certified number: 11-1-06353-1-0335




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