Freshy Face Gold Set Export Version


Freshy Face Gold Set Export Version
Properties of Gold Set
1. Perfect Bright Serum
Serum with a variety of intensive, highly concentrated natural extracts to help your face skin perfectly bright and radiant without being irritated and the beneficial of White Strawberry Extract to banish dullness and restore skin’s beauty and brightness. With mixture of many extracts can help your skin soft and bright to the touch.
Directions for use: Daily apply serum with light massage all over your face in the morning.
2. UV Sun Shield SPF50 PA+++
Ultra-Sheer Dry-touch Sunscreen with smooth-and-soothed-skin adjustment formula to help protect your skin from sunlight, help adjust your skin to be naturally soothed for brightness and radiance, making you confident to challenge sunshine, this sunscreen is suitable for both combination skin and oily skin.
Directions for use: Apply this sunscreen all over your face (avoid the eye contour) before facing sunshine about 15-30 minutes.
3. Rejuvenating Serum
It is the intensive, highly concentrated serum with the physical properties of diamond powder blended with SIRT protein (the ingredient to help your skin youthful looking) to protect and strengthen your skin from pollutions harming your skin, Wild Yam Extract with full of phytoestrogen to help keep your skin firm, restore skin’s radiance, relieve inflammation on skin and stimulate more collagen production, Micro-Seaweed Extract to stimulate skin cells to be strong for skin’s healthy looking and Vitamin C to nourish your skin to be white and reduce black spots.
Directions for use: Daily apply all over your face skin in the evening.

4. Intensive White Night Cream
It is the Mask Cream with intensive, highly concentrated formula to emphasize on restoring your skin, the beneficial of Rhododendron Ferrugineum Leaf Cell Culture Extract from Alpine Rose (the local plant which can bloom and withstand the extreme conditions of temperature on the Alps) and Glutathione to help adjust your skin to be bright and radiant, restore, nourish and keep skin’s hydration, also, to adjust skin to be noticeably smooth, soothed and radiant for skin’s healthy looking.
Directions for use: Daily apply this mask cream with intensive, highly concentrated formula before bed.
In case of Boost up: Apply cream with thickness all over your face without rinsing for a few times per week in the evening.
5. Carrot Nourishing Soap
It is the Soap for radiant and bright skin to help even skin tone by Carrot Extract with skin care properties, Vitamin for skin food to gently take care your skin and increase effectiveness of skin care to make your skin brighter and more radiant with healthy looking and without skin irritation, and Gac Extract to help leave brightness and radiance with pinkish and healthy looking on your skin, additionally, the Soap helps protect your skin to be harmed by UV radiation.
Directions for use: Rub this soap on your hands until getting foaming soap, then apply its foam all over skin and rinse with water, it is recommended for daily use in the morning and evening.




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