Thailand whitening lotion

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  • Vampire Milky Drop Whitening Lotion 100 Pieces


    Vampire Milky Drop Whitening Lotion 100ml. 100 Pieces @ 110 Thai baht each


    • Whitens skin in a matter of weeks
    • Softens the skin at first use
    • Nourishes the skin
    • Absorbs in the skin easily
    • Permanent whitening results
    • Maintains youthful skin
    • Keeps skin healthy and well nourished
    • Reduces stretch marks
    • Gives naturally healthy, glowing skin

    Ingredients: Aqua, Arbutin, Glutathione, Vitamin B3, Paraffin, Salicylic, Pigment, Milk Powder, Fruitamin extract, Mineral Oil, Rose Oil.

    Usage: Apply all over body day and night as needed. Best and fast results if used with Vampire Whitening Soap and Serum.



    FDA Thailand Registration No. 10-1-5745461

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  • Whitening Body Lotion SPF PA++


    WINK WHITE BODY LOTION Enriched with nourishing vitamins with various concentrated extractions. Contain Lycopene which is 3 times higher than ordinary tomatoes. Black tomato, as it’s called “Kumato” in Korea contains Lycopene substances producing concentrated nourishing vitamins to whiter skin, detoxification and slow down the degeneration of skin cells. This product will moisturize dried skin and give radiant aura look. White Strawberry Imported product from Japan and it’s also contains antioxidant substances which stimulate production of skin cells collagen. This product helps to whiten skin and reduce black spots as well as pigment melanin. Wink White Body Lotion,

    shows a result in a week

    • Protect skin from the sun
    • Restore dried and damaged skin
    • Inhibit melanin – Whiten the skin
    • Enhance and strengthen skin collagen
    • Anti-aging and wrinkle delay
    • Reduce the clogging of pores

    Exposing to brighter and glowing skin from natural extracts. Revive damaged skin. Nourish for a healthy skin.

    Net weight 200ml.

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